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Diamond Dolphin Tooth Gem

SKU: 104

Diamond Dolphin Tooth Gem

The Smilegems Diamond Dolphin includes a 0.01ct GENUINE diamond set into the design. Available in 22ct yellow and 18ct white gold.

A 0.01ct diamond is placed into the Smilegems Diamond Dolphin tooth jewel design. The 22 carat yellow gold and 18 carat white gold are both available
Why VS clarity grade is a good choice
VS diamonds offer high quality for a reasonable budget. A gemmological expert would have to use a 10x magnifying loupe, and quite a bit of time and effort, to see the inclusions inside it. In fact, gemmologists characterise VS inclusions as “minor”. At the same time, VS diamonds are much more affordable than VVS and IF diamonds. This means that VS diamonds represent excellent value for money.

Smilegems only use 22 carat, yellow dental gold and 18 carat white gold, for all our tooth gem designs.

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Our Price: £40.00

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