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How much should I charge for each application?

You know your business and you already know how your prices compare with your nearest competitors. Keeping your prices affordable will encourage repeat business so most salons charge between £10 and £15 for a crystal application depending on their geographical location. However, a gold design application should be priced individually, reflecting and taking into account the price you have paid for the gold design from Smilegems.

Are the Crystals really Swarovski?


We supply only Swarovski® Crystal Elements with Platinum Foiling on the back for extra brilliance and protection.

Since September 2012, the entire assortment of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS has switched to the new ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard – a new, innovative lead-free crystal composition, complying with current laws and regulations governing the use of certain substances in finished products.

Can I get insurance for offering this service?


Most insurance companies will cover for the Smilegems service. Please contact us if you require details.

How does the Smilegems Tooth Jewel stay on the tooth?

Our bonding system has been used within the dental industry for over 25 years with many dentists using similar techniques for attaching braces to teeth.

The Smilegems bonding system is perfectly safe, non-damaging, pain free and is totally self-curing! This means there is NO NEED to use a potentially hazardous UV light during application.

How long does the application last?

The longevity of a Smilegems Tooth Jewel on the tooth depends entirely on the individual client. The natural acidity of your client’s saliva and diet plays a big part on how long an application lasts. The average time however, would be approximately one year.

Can I apply a Smilegems Tooth Jewel to any tooth surface?


A Smilegems Tooth Jewel cannot be applied to an artificial tooth surface such as crowns, caps, veneers or dentures. For clients wanting a Smilegems Tooth Jewel on an artificial tooth surface, they can purchase one of our ‘do it yourself’ home application kits – ‘Toothgems’ or ‘Sparkles’ which can be found in the retail products of our website.

Can I get a bond to apply Smilegems Tooth Jewellery to crowns, caps, veneers and dentures?


Smilegems are aware that there are bonds specifically for artificial tooth surfaces but we have refrained from offering them due to the abrasion they cause to this type of expensive dental work. We do however, highly recommend that you stock our ‘do it yourself’ home application kits – ‘Toothgems’ and ‘Sparkles’ for any client including those with artificial tooth surfaces. These can be found in the retail products of our website. ‘Toothgems’ and ‘Sparkles’ kits each contain 6 individual Swarovski Crystals and are designed for the end user to fit a Smilegems Tooth Jewel to themselves at home. They are not for professional use. The adhesive is designed to be a more temporary solution which means that a crystal application from these kits can last for anything up to 4 weeks and is easier to remove.

Is the application the same for a gold tooth jewel design as it is for a crystal?


However when applying gold, we advise you to leave the cleansing gel on the tooth surface for twice as long as you would for a crystal due to the extra weight of the gold. The gold designs are mostly 3D so it is important to check the underside of the gold piece when applying the bond to ensure complete coverage. This will safeguard against air pockets which could potentially allow bacteria to enter.

Will the Smilegems Tooth Jewel harm my clients tooth?


If applied correctly using the techniques demonstrated in our training DVD, there is absolutely no risk of damage to your clients tooth.

Can I attach a Smilegems Tooth Jewel to a child’s tooth?


There is no more risk applying a Smilegems Tooth Jewel to a child’s tooth than an adult’s. Dentists have been using the same bonding system to fit braces to children’s teeth for many years with no adverse effect.

It is important however, that a parent or guardian signs your client contract form giving their permission for a Smilegems Tooth Jewel application to anyone under the age of 16.

Can my client clean their teeth whilst wearing a Smilegems Tooth Jewel?


We always encourage a good dental hygiene routine to prevent plaque from building up around the tooth jewel.

Can my client still have their teeth cleaned by a dentist/hygienist?


A dentist or hygienist should easily be able to safely clean the tooth around the Smilegems Tooth Jewel.

What if the Smilegems Tooth Jewel falls off and my client swallows it?

All our products are tested by leading toxicologists who have reported that there is no risk if a Smilegems Tooth Jewel is swallowed. It will simply pass through the system in the normal way with no adverse effect.

Can my client eat and drink after a Smilegems Tooth Jewel application?


After a Smilegems Tooth Jewel has been applied, your client should allow 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything. After this time, your client may eat and drink as usual.

What is the shelf life of the dental bonds in my kit?

From your purchase date, your bonds have a 2 year shelf life if stored in cool conditions out of direct sunlight.

With your business interests in mind, please be advised that Smilegems has processed Bonding Agent ‘A’ (syringe paste) to a thick consistency. This prevents unnecessary over-usage by the technician performing the application.

If working outside at fetes, concerts or festivals etc. we advise that you invest in a small cool box to store your bonds.